NTA provides cattle, pigs, goats and chickens for breeding and fattening. We finance the supply of nylon long-lines for growing seaweed, water-pumps for irrigation, engines for fishing boats and thread and dye for the making of traditional textiles or 'tenun ikat' by women's groups. We have also helped to improve the quality of tree crops such as cocoa and cashew nut.

Selected groups of farmers are trained in best practice agricultural techniques so that they can then introduce these techniques to their local communities. The farmers are provided with ongoing guidance and support in implementing these best practices in the manner that best suits their local environment and community needs. This ensures the longer term sustainability of project activities.

All income-earning activities are operated by local self-help groups or 'kelompok', and finance is provided on the principle of rotating credit, so that when one group has become successful in what it's doing the money can be recycled for other groups to use