NTA Australia works with a range of partner organisations to achieve our objectives of supporting the people of East Nusa Tenggara.

NTA Indonesia

NTA Indonesia was formed in 2016 and is NTA’s main partner, with responsibilities including contracting and supervising the efforts of our other partners. NTA Australia has employed Indonesian experts to implement its activities in Indonesia for 25 years. In 2016, NTA Australia was very pleased to meet the request of our Indonesian employees and provide them with independence through forming the NTA Indonesia as a separate legal entity. NTA Indonesia has consistently demonstrated that it holds the right technical and management skills required to work effectively. 

NTA Indonesia manages NTA Australia’s implementation in Indonesia. It provides Agricultural Extension Officers in Flores and West Timor. It has oversight of contracts, and provides tight financial control. It manages MOU agreements with the other NTA partners. NTA Australia and NTA Indonesia work hand-in-hand to deliver the NTA's objectives.


Yayasan Pengembangan Musyarah Flores (YMPF)

YMPF is a local NGO based in Maumere, Flores. YMPF has been supporting NTA activities for over 20 years. They are most active in implementing NTA's activities in water, sanitation and education.

YPMF has proven to be a strong and capable supporter of NTA. YMPF also occasionally receives funding from other sources to conduct complementary efforts in the region.


Yayasan Pengembangan Musyarah Pulau Semau (YPMPS)

YPMPS is a small local NGO based on the island of Semau. NTA has worked closely with this NGO for 25 years. YPMPS provides support to the NTA including through 4 officers who have been critical in developing agriculture, water and sanitation and educational improvements on the island of Semau. The NGO is well respected by the island’s communities and is a valued NTA partner organisation.