The NTA is governed by an elected board made up of volunteers, based in Canberra. Beneath this body operate the Finance Committee, Operations Committee, and Membership and Marketing Committee. These committees develop policies and undertake functions under the direction of the board.

Chair of the Board: Ron Thompson

Ron is the former Group General Manager of Australian public listed company Electro Optic Systems Pty Limited and a Senior International Banker with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Ron is the principal of Ron S Thompson and Associates Pty Limited. He was elected to the Board at the 2011 AGM.

President and Chief Executive Officer: Dr Colin Barlow MBE

Colin is an academic specialising in the problems of small small-scale rubber and oil-palm producers in Malaysia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia. He is a Visiting Fellow at the Department of Political and Social Change at the Australian National University. Colin first visited Nusa Tenggara Timur in 1988, where he and other colleagues were taken aback by the poverty-stricken conditions. In 1992, Colin and Shirley Bowman founded the NTA. Colin has been a member of the Board since its inception in 2007.

Other Board members:

Peter Dawson (Deputy Chair)

Peter is a management consultant specialising in Small and Medium Enterprise development and strategy and a former public servant (SES2). He is also a former Director of the Australia-Indonesia Business Council. Since the 1990s Peter has worked regularly in Indonesia on contracts for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Australian Agency for International Development, the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry and World Bank agencies.

Kim Andren (Secretary)

Kim is an officer of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. Kim was elected as Secretary to the Board at the 2012 AGM. Kim has a Masters degree from the ANU in Applied Anthropology and Participatory Development.

Dr Ria Gondorwarsito 

Ria is a sociologist who specialises in rural community development, especially in Indonesia. Ria is a former development consultant to the World Bank. She has been a member of the Board since its formation in 2007.

Dr Janet Hunt 

Janet is a community development specialist and the former Executive Director of the Australian Council for International Development.

Ulla Keech-Marx 

Ulla is an international development professional with 10 years' experience working on development matters in Eastern Indonesia. Ulla was elected to the Board at the 2012 AGM.

Penny Godwin

Penny is an officer of the Department of Environment with a background in natural resource management. She has a Masters degree in Integrated Water Management. Penny has previously lived in Eastern Indonesia and worked with local community organisations. She was elected to the Board in 2014.

Dr Lesley Potter

Lesley has been involved in research in Indonesia since 1983, predominantly working on questions of environmental change and small-scale agriculture. She is a Visiting Fellow in the Resources, Environment and Development Group at the Crawford School of Public Policy, ANU. She has worked as a consultant for the FAO, the World Bank, AusAID and the Centre for International Forestry Research. Lesley has been a long-standing member of the Operations Committee. She was elected to the Board in 2014.

Executive Officer: Phil Domaschenz

Phil holds a degree focused on natural resource management. He was employed for 30 years within Government at local and national levels and worked in areas focused on the management of urban landscapes, forests, national parks and fisheries. His employment has covered Indonesian natural resource issues for 15 years and he was seconded to Indonesia for a year as Programme Management Specialist for a national coral reef management programme.