Our Mission

The mission of the NTA (Nusa Tenggara Association) is to reduce poverty among communities in rural areas of the East Nusa Tenggara province of Indonesia.

The NTA sponsors small-scale economic and social development activities selected by community consultation, ranging from building water tanks and wells, through providing farming equipment and training, to supplying books and furniture for schools. This empowers local communities to control their own development in ways that are sustainable in the longer term.

The NTA is run on a volunteer basis in Australia, and currently commits over almost 90% of its funds directly to its projects in the field in Indonesia. We support and monitor grass-roots activities, mostly involving education, small infrastructures, and income-earning activities. The NTA is making a difference by helping communities to improve the standard of education, facilitating local participation towards infrastructure development, and supporting improved health and sustainable income-earning activities.


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Children in NTT

Kupang Post, 22/7/13 (Marking National Childrens Day on 23/7, KP carried a wide-ranging interview with Veronika Ata (a prominent female activist and head of NTT’s child protection agency (Lembaga Perlindungan Anak). On NTT’s children, Ms Ata says they continue to … Continue reading

Malnutrition Often Combined with Tuberculosis

Kupang Post, 26 June 2013 A doctor from Kupang’s district hospital explains this conundrum. In 2012 the hospital treated 132 cases of malnourished children, most of whom were initially brought in for treatment of some other illness (mainly TB).  Only … Continue reading

Going up a Grade

Victory News, 27/5/13 NTT has had its best ever results in senior high school (SMA) national exams (UN): previously ranked 33rd (last) among Indonesia’s provinces, this year’s results rank it 29th (general SMA) and 27th (technical SMA).  NTT can be … Continue reading

Maumere-Ende Coast Road Seriously Damaged

Kupang Post, 4/4/13 Some parts of the northern coast road between Maumere and Ende (in east Flores) require major repairs and, if not attended to soon, risk becoming impassable in bad weather.  One approx. 200 meter section, once sealed, is … Continue reading