November Monitoring Visit

We are excited to announce that NTA - Indonesia (NTA-I) has started their monitoring visit in Eastern Indonesia.

Due to COVID-19 related travel restrictions, the NTA Australian team is unfortunately not able to join on this monitoring visit. Thankfully, our local partner NTA - Indonesia (NTA-I) is motivated and well prepared to manage the task independently. Thanks to our electronic questionnaires which have been developed over the past year, the Australian team will have access to the collected data at the end of each day. The data collected includes progress on past activities with picture documentation and other project relevant information.

On their first day (31st October 2020), the NTA-I team from Kupang had meetings with the NTA-I team from Sikka. They also were able to attend the first day of the second training for weaver groups in product diversification.

Over the next two weeks, the NTA-I team from Kupang and Maumere will visit approximately 90 farmer groups and 17 schools in Flores before they continue with monitoring activities in West Timor. It is great to see our local partners standing up to the challenge and taking ownership and responsibility for monitoring activities. We wish them much success and will support them remotely as much as we can.

The NTA Australian team regrets not being there with our Indonesian team at this stage, but we look forward to joining them again in April next year (fingers crossed). Scroll down to see some photos from NTA-I's monitoring activities!