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Hi everyone

I often marvel at the fact that the water dispensers at work will give me instant boiling water one moment and chilled water the next. I don't often stop to think about how lucky I am to have a guaranteed supply of clean water to drink, cook with, wash in, or for my family to have clean water to grow veggies and raise livestock with.

Often water can seem like a pretty boring option when there is coffee, or tea, or juice or soft drink on offer. 

But in hundreds of villages across West Timor and Flores, families struggle for access to clean water every day. The people of these islands suffer recurrent famine conditions during the dry season – called locally the ‘hunger season’. A recent (2008) survey found the incidence of stunted growth caused by malnutrition to be 36.8% of the population.

I'm participating in the NTA's Beat The Dry Campaign between 15 and 28 June. This involves two weeks of drinking just water, drawing attention to the NTA's cause and helping to raise funds to provide assistance to impoverished families and school in one of the poorest and driest regions of Indonesia.

I'd really appreciate any contribution you might be able to make. Just $550 can bring a year-round water supply to seventy five people, so every bit helps.







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